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Hello there, I'm Kirsten, a self-taught freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been experimenting with photography since my teenage years; however, it wasn't until four years ago when I moved to New York City that I became serious about my work and my passion for visual storytelling. 


My interests lie in public documentary and travel photography. I find inspiration in observing the people and the scenery around me, and searching for moments of stillness and intimacy amidst a disordered world. My work extends across the genres of street photography, landscape, and portraiture, utilizing my eye for light and color to convey a sense of nostalgia and familiarity in my images.

New York is a wondrous setting for a street photographer like myself, as it’s full of beauty, chaos, despair, and sweet, simple moments of camaraderie. You can find the full range of human emotions on display in just the length of a city block on any given day, if you look for it.


I grew up in a hot and arid suburb of Los Angeles and spent my college and early twenties in the stunning Pacific Northwest. I hold a journalism degree from the University of Oregon and have spent the last decade working as an audience journalist for my day job.


When I’m not working or shooting, I spend my time running through Prospect Park, going upstate for weekend hikes, or swimming in the ocean during the summer. Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate creatively, book a photoshoot, or simply say hi.

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