Facebook Live.
Real-time State of the Union 2018 Polling 
I oversaw the production of this live feed, which tracked how a group of Democrats, Republicans and Independents were feeling about President Trump's first State of the Union Address. Using the technology of polling company DailSmith, our panel reacted to the speech as it unfolded using handheld dials. My live production was cross-posted to nearly 30 Sinclair Broadcast Group station Facebook pages, landing it in the top 25 SOTU streams on Facebook (in terms of reach). It was the only stream from a local news outlet to make the list, beating NPR, CBS, Vice, Huffington Post and several other large national news corporations. 
Mass shooting in Harford County, Maryland
I helped produce this breaking live coverage of a tragic workplace shooting in Harford County, Maryland. My team and I brought our viewers more than two hours of updates and developments as the search for the shooter ensued. The live feed amassed more than 8,000 shares. 
Youth Mental Health Town Hall
I helped produce an hour-long special about mental health issues in young people. My primary roles were managing the live stream and viewer comments, live tweeting, and working with producers, experts and hosts to prepare questions in the weeks leading up to the show. The town hall aired on Facebook a week before it ran on TV. 
Great American Solar Eclipse: Coverage from Oregon's path of totality
I was an instrumental player in months of planning to bring both Oregonians and nationwide eclipse enthusiasts live coverage of the 2017 total solar eclipse. With crews stationed across the state of Oregon in the path of totality, we showed Facebook watchers the sights and sounds from viewing parties, as well as the eclipse itself! KATU was the only Oregon news station chosen by Facebook to be featured in the platform's #EclipseLive section, reaching millions of viewers. 
Man plows car into three women near Portland State University
I helped produce this breaking live coverage of a tragic -- and intentional -- hit and run in downtown Portland. My team and I brought our viewers more than two hours of updates and developments as the search for the driver ensued. 
Occupy ICE protests continue on day 9
I helped direct this live coverage of a days-long occupation of a Portland Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. On day 9, Federal officers issued notices to vacate to the dozens of protesters camping outside.
Students stage lie-in at the White House to stand with victims of the Parkland school shooting
I sent ABC7's digital reporter Caroline Patrickis to the White House to cover a student "lie-in" following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. We were the only news outlet to provide viewers with a hosted, walk-and-talk style Facebook live from the event. The stream amassed more than 15,000 shares, 12,000 comments and a million views in less than two hours.  
Portland protest turns violent, destructive
Scuffles break out as police in Portland deploy flash bang devices to disperse hundreds of right-wing and self-described anti-fascist protesters. I sent one of my digital producers to the scene to bring viewers up-close live coverage of the events. 
Missing two-year-old in Northeast Portland
When a two-year-old boy went missing from his Northeast Portland home on a quiet Saturday morning, I sent our reporter Wesleigh Ogle to the scene to provide Facebook live coverage with the little information we had. The video amassed more than 14,000 shares in just over an hour. 
Post-2016 presidential election riots in Portland
At once peaceful protests turned into violent and destructive riots in Portland in the days following the election of President Donald Trump. I sent one of our digital producers to the scene -- iPhone in hand -- to bring viewers another angle of the riots, supplementing feeds from our chopper and TV crews.
Live walking tour of a Hawaiian-inspired lodge in Kalama, Washington
I hosted a live walking tour of McMenamins' Hawaiian-inspired Kalama Harbor Lodge with company co-owner, Dan McMenamin. Take a tour with me to see four different bars, swanky suites, vibrant artwork and TWO secret rooms!
Oreo Taste Test
Reporter Wesleigh Ogle and I take on the unfortunate task of taste-testing weird Oreo flavors on Facebook Live.
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